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From the brains of former Team USA Captains and Saratoga Shootout co-directors, Ryan Powell (Syracuse) and Kevin Leveille (UMass).

The Shootout is a high-quality youth - HS boys tournament, built in 2013 by Summit Lacrosse Ventures and Rhino Lacrosse. The event, in essence, is focused on player development through competition, camaraderie and respect. Basically, emulating the old school events that Ryan and Kevin grew up participating in, that carved their path in the sport.

Enjoy an upbeat lacrosse festival atmosphere and solid competition on-field. Schedule is built to provide balanced time between games, allowing plenty of time to enjoy the Powell Fun Zone, our vendor village and of course, historic Saratoga Springs. Our aim, a perfect lacrosse weekend for the entire family. 

5 Guaranteed Games

Gold & Silver Divisions Where Possible

Festival Atmosphere

Vendor Village

Championship Prizes